Why Fear is Afraid of You & Why We Need You

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Fear has kept you. It has been days, weeks, a year, even years that your courage has been beat down as if you were good-for-nothing.


Failure has scared you, but success, even more so. You have been transfixed and immobile by the magnitude of either direction, the possibilities and pressures of traveling on either path.




This year will be different. Not that fear will cease all together, for it will still try to choke the life out of you.


But prayer changes things. Speaking Truth reverses lies. No, it demolishes them.


That is when life breathes into your weak bones and you are moved by sheer Presence. And you are able to release control, whether it be success or failure, to the four corners. For in releasing, God’s Spirit blows in and rises up.


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We need you. But we need you to be what God’s called you to be and nothing more. No pressure to run off and save the world. Yet make no mistake, God has called you. Right where you are, right here, today and only you know what that is.


We are God’s Body, dependent on each part. None of us are too small, otherwise where would the heart be without the capillaries, or the muscles without the skin, or the frame without the bones, or the eyes without the lids, or the stomach without the esophagus, or the feet without the ankles, or the mouth without the lips, or the voice without the tongue? We are part of a big picture and together, the Body is better because you are in it.


Your gifts are honorable, precious, unique, and holy-inspired. When Fear holds you back, it also holds back our blessing too. For had you said what needed saying, done the thing that needed doing, given yourself to what was given inside you, abandoned yourself to the one thing you had abandoned, parts of us would reap the rewards. Despite how your past swallows your future or how someone in this very same Body may have wounded you, we need you still. The world around you needs you.


It is said that there is strength in numbers but with God, numbers are not important. He equips the weak. He empowers the handicapped. And we are sick and tired of how Fear has kept you from fully coming into your own and taking your place.


If Fear had it’s selfish way, it would hide you, forever. It’d lock you up and throw away the key. It’d bully you and make you think you do not deserve any different. It’d silence you and never give you your voice back. It’d paralyze you and cut you off at the knees. It’d play negative tapes in your head without once stopping. Fear spends a lot of time trying to convince you.


Truth be told, Fear is afraid of you. Afraid of the Spirit inside you.


Fear knows your God. It puts on a song and dance, giving you a show, and drawing away your attention with gongs in hopes you’ll never notice how big He really is. For if you knew, Fear would have to exit stage left with a new cast of Kingdom coming, front and center.


There is a refining amount of rehearsals and a humble amount of scenes in dying to fear of man, woman, ourselves, or to fear itself. But by His Spirit, love casts you in a courage that rises.


And no grand opening night is needed for you to rise in the courage of God. Go ahead, take His gifts and own them.


~~Tammy {Duet 31:6}



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