5 Podcasts for Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone–Courage, Goals, & Overcoming

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I love listening to podcasts since it takes me a whole hour for a round-trip to where I work and where my kids attend school. If you’ve followed me for very long, you this all too well. 🙂 I live on a farm in the boonies, y’all.  I spend a good deal of my time traveling so I listen to different varieties. Here are 5 that’ll encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and live with a tad bit more boldness than yesterday. 🙂


1. Don’t Be Afraid: a sermon by Tim Ross of Embassy City Church

Pastor with a couple years-worth of sermons on a podcast at Embassy City Church


Pastor Tim Ross is one of the few pastors that my teenagers love to listen too. He brings the scriptures alive and adds humor in such a way, that it gives depth (and laughter) as you can imagine yourself inside the stories of these biblical men and women. Listen and see if you agree.


2. Jessica Honegger’s Interview with Emily P. Freeman,

Author of The Next Right Thing

On The Going Scared Podcast, Episode 62


Jessica Honegger is a ninja interviewer. She provides such valuable feedback and asks probing questions–questions that are in my head. The ones I’m thinking. How does she do that?

In this episode, Emily P. Freeman talks about owning your work, a chapter about where are you and what do you want, revelations in reflection, and how you move through life (and decisions).



3. Effective Goal Setting Secrets for Creative Influencers: Kat Lee {EP 93}

The Declare Podcast Interview


I enjoy Ann Watson’s thoughts and questions in her interviews for The Declare Podcast. You can hear her genuine encouragement to those she is interviewing. It is definitely a feel-good podcast with tons of encouragement for us, the listeners, too!

In this one, she talks with Kat Lee, founder of the Inspired to Action community, the Hello Mornings podcast, and is the author of the book, Hello MorningsIn this episode, she discusses how you discover goals that you can feel good about, something you should every day, and ways to create a new habit.

4. Fear & What It Teaches Us

From the Purposefull Living Podcast 


Because I listen to podcasts, I decided to talk it up with Amy Breitmann and create our own.

In this episode, we get vulnerable and honest about our most debilitating fears. And what God is teaching each of us in the process. And did you know that in the scriptures, 241 times in the New King James, “fear not” or “do not fear” appeared? 241 times, God took His people into their calling, their purpose, or their next step which required more than their own strength (and courage) to fulfill. Listen in as we challenge each of us, to do it scared.


5. Overcoming Lies

From the Purposefull Living Podcast 


Amy and I talk about the lies we’ve believed, how we broke free, and our (sometimes daily) journey in maintaining it. We also explore how our thought life may not always be exactly what we think it is.




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