Protected: A God of All Seasons: Walking toward mercy, grace, and hope

What if your spiritual life landed in the heart-stopping grip of a wintered soul? How does one's faith survive?

Discover the beauty and challenge of spiritual seasons as Tammy & Amy remember parts of their stories in order to draw out your own. A God of All Seasons speaks to the heart when the soul feels gripped by the tendrils of an icy winter or lumbers to recover from a long spiritual reprieve as if returning from a summer sabbatical. Learn to perceive God's companionship even when you don’t sense His nearness. And unearth, not only a God who created the seasons, but one who also walks with you through them..
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"A God of All Seasons is filled with words that will encourage and inspire weary wanderers of any age while allowing them to feel that others have journeyed upon the same roads they trod. My spirit felt understood and welcomed here. Tammy and Amy move through God's seasons with gentle humour and wisdom. This is a volume to cherish and consume, again and again."
About the Book

If you were able to recognize God in every hard, sacred season, how might it encourage your faith to grow?

A God of All Seasons is for anyone who has found their spiritual life stuck in the icy grip of winter or their faith lumbering to recover from a summer’s reprieve. Through powerful and poignant storytelling, Amy and Tammy guide you on a journey that will lift your eyes toward God’s ever-abiding presence through each season’s challenge. Discover hidden gifts of comforting grace in darkness by night, and the radiant glow of God’s mercy by day. You will encounter stories of a God who:

  • gives you a new name
  • never forsakes you
  • delivers you
  • redeems you
  • rescues you from the pit

Learn to perceive God’s companionship even when you don’t sense His nearness.  Unearth, not only a God who created the seasons, but one who also walks with you through them.


All the natural wonders of the world are like pages written in a book that brand the author. A God of All Seasons: Walking Toward Mercy, Grace, & Hope (the book)



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What if you were able to recognize God in every  season?

Spring ushers in change like a coming resurrection.

Like the barren branches of winter, we’re exposed to God.

Summer causes us to slow down & take a sabbatical.

What if we noticed & felt the constant presence of God?

Like a summer repreive, we bask in God’s goodness.

Autumn displays the need to let go & release.

Like maple leaves in Autumn, we surrender to God.

We long for God’s warmth in the darkness of winter.

Like a crocus flower, hope wells up like a spring.

What if we trusted God in ALL (spiritual) seasons?





A God of All Seasons: Walking Towards Mercy, Grace, & Hope by TH Meyer & Amy Breitmann available on Amazon

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