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What if you knew your calling beyond a shadow of a doubt? How might that change your outlook on life, your faith?


Explore what God might be saying, or has been saying, regarding your uniquely gifted contribution to the world around you. Through storytelling, scripture, and in-depth questions, you’ll be encouraged to embrace the whole person God made you to be. Each chapter will lead you on a journey to ponder your own creative path and what God may be calling you to do, today.


For the individual reader looking to examine more deeply, their creative purpose, or a group seeking to collectively spur each other toward their God-given gifts, talents, and life as a 12-week, 6-week, or 4-week study guide, this book is an expedition into listening to God’s voice and discovering your unique purpose in him.






How I survived a book launch by T.H. Meyer



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Social media strategies T.H. Meyer

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Change may as well be social media’s middle name. And this launches the entrepreneur, small business owner, creative-type, or anyone looking to reach their community onto the topsy-turvy world of social media and marketing. But not everyone can maneuver this landscape, unscathed.


Receive up-to-date social media tactics without feeling like your worth is wrapped up in numbers, platforms, or lists. You’ll discover how to take full advantage of social media by using these tips, tricks, and networks recommended by top experts. You’ll gain understanding on which social platforms are leading the way and which are struggling (and why), how to tackle Facebook Algorithms and Facebook Ad’s, what is SEO and how you can improve yours, what’s hot in advertising and sharing, building an email list, and more.


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