Anna Meade Arts

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Anna Meade Arts

Anna Meade is the ultimate warrior for getting brave with your life. With quotes from her artistic space like “trust the process” and “I believe that each of us have the freedom to say ‘no’ to very good things and the liberty to say ‘yes’ to a few questionable endeavors,” are proof enough. But there’s more. Here are a few of my favorite things and honestly? Anna Meade’s website is a perfect go-to for the art of courage. Be sure to see her prints at the bottom of the page and see what I mean.


One of the many inspiring parts about Anna Meade’s creative space is her community for Healing He(arts).  The vision is this (as quoted from her website):


“We don’t have answers. We have the art that is our lives. We can move forward by acknowledging the past. Also, when we are empowered to live our present stories, seeing our precious worth through the muck and pushing through… THAT is powerful. What would it look like to have more people on this earth who feel truly empowered to live their stories as powerful characters? How can we empower each other to grasp our own pencils and paintbrushes, taking an active role in the creative art that is our life?

Healing He[art]s is a mechanism to put art supplies in the hands of people who are struggling. The vision is for creative souls to give the gift of art to others. Because we know that art heals. We have lived it, and we would like to pass along that encouragement to others.”


For the art of fear not, the art of courage, Anna Meade nails it. (Just click on the picture to buy your own)


8″x8″ Custom One Word Painting



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