A Group of Brave Artisans (Sunday Circle Group)

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A Group of Brave Artisans (Sunday Circle Group)

This team of artisans quietly cuts through the competition, bringing their gifts and praise in eclectic worship. Deeply rich content, filled with a mixture of original praise songs (some written & sung by Dana K. Butler), wordsmiths, speakers,  canvas artists, and poetry, is delivered every weekend in a newsletter around the world.


I have the joy of working with these beautifully talented people and am constantly inspired by their creative minds. Art can be a lonely business. If you feel God leading you to be part of a community of other artisans, we’d like to know who you are.  Go to our webpage #sundayCircleGroup to find out more about us. Should you be interested in submitting some of your work, we’d be delighted to hear from you.


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