Purpose-Focused (Writing &) Publishing



Are you wanting to move past fear in your writing project or process?

Are you a traditional-pubbed author who is considering the self-independent publishing route?

Would you like to identify your strengths and how those define your writing and publishing style?

Are you looking for someone to share their publishing journey that’ll help you know which next steps to take?

Are you looking to set healthy boundaries in your publishing and writing life or find the balance between work and family and friends?

Do you want to push through the imposter syndrome of not feeling good enough as a writer or author?

Would you like the clarity that’ll move you forward during a season of transition in your writing and publishing?

Do you want to be more intentional and purposeful with your publishing journey?

Do you want more focus to achieve your publishing goals?


Some Benefits of Purpose-Focused (Writing &) Publishing are:

  • Understanding the differences between independent publishing, self-publishing, and traditional publishing and which one is right for you
  • Focusing on your personal strengths that shape your writing and publishing style
  • Identifying ways to develop a quality life by addressing your needs, writing goals, publishing purpose, and God’s design of you
  • Exploring healthy boundaries, saying “no” so you can give your best “yes”
  • Finding the perfect balance in your writing/publishing life by knowing where to put your time and attention
  • Taking responsibility for your writing goals, your gifts and calling, self-care wholeness, and spiritual growth through actionable steps
  • Creating change that’ll give you room to re-evaluate, prioritize, dream, and hope again
  • Moving past negative setbacks by embracing a future through positive steps


Some Benefits of Hiring me as a coach are:

  • You’ll experience a judgement-free environment where you’ll be supported and encouraged toward positive transformation.
  • You’ll be able to make better, smarter writing/publishing decisions because you’ll discover the goals that really matter.
  • You’ll stop stalling out and have more energy toward being productive by focusing your energy in the best places.
  • You’ll stop being drained as you develop a publishing strategy based from your gifts, talents, purpose, and values.
  • You’ll stop being consumed and overwhelmed while thinking bigger and stepping into the life God’s called you to live.


What does a Purpose-Focused (Writing &) Publishing Coaching Package include (COMING SOON!):

  • 2-one-hour coaching sessions
  • Emails and correspondence between sessions
  • eBook: How I Tackled the Mountain of Launching My First Book—A step by step guide
  • A God of All Seasons, Kindle book
  • A Life of Creative Purpose, Kindle Book
  • Strengthsfinder Test to identify how your strengths contribute in writing & publishing
  • Defining Your Coaching Goals worksheet and what you want to get out of coaching
  • A Simplified Difference Between Traditional and Independent Publishing PDF
  • Powerful Pondering Questions worksheet that’ll explore and uncover your deepest needs, wants, or missing pieces to contentment
  • Quick Priority Finder worksheet to speed up the process of nailing down what’s important to you
  • Wheel of Life worksheet which helps you visualize the quality or contentment of different aspects of your relationships, work, and other
  • Writing Resource Page of recommended readings, websites, blog posts, or podcasts
  • Welcome Letter
  • Coaching guidelines