Faith Like A Fist (Poetic Courage)

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Spirit of life in Christ

Winter is shrugging its cold shoulders

Each day a trial in change

The flowery weeds are creeping up

Announcing spring

And you marvel yet again

How a weed can have such beauty

You have thought yourself much like one too

Persistent, resilient, and wildly growing

Where fertile grasses can not



The wildflowers are soon to come

The ones you pass by on interstate highways

Coloring your route with blues and reds

And people pulling over with cameras in hand

Because of course

Who can resist vibrant displays making

Brief appearances

And for a moment your faith is a



Naked trees begin dressing

With pods tightly clamped shut

Ready to release, the same as before

You stop on the country road

The one you drive when you need to think

Taking you down the blacktop

Of your dormant faith

One that’s felt cold but not



And there, you see a tree

Each branch adorned in buds

Peppering its skinny limbs like freckles

Or small fists

Just when your faith felt bare and stripped

Change is suckled between the hardwoods

Of your heart, soul, & spirit

‘Til you sway in the Wind, alive

New life opening on a mighty, freckled





There is a collective of people who are bringing their gifts and talents via a newsletter called the Sunday Circle Group, specifically for the weekends, to us. I have been blessed to be included in this glorious collection. I wrote this poem especially for the group, in the hidden back alleys of email. But I’m pulling it out, to see the light of day, if you will, both here on the blog and on Facebook because I strongly believe faith opens us up from even the smallest of fists.


Poetry seems to be a by-gone thing in many circles, but it’s where I first fell in love with writing. So it is, I return to my first love from time to time, tenderly retracing and re-loving words. Much like poetic justice, is poetic courage.


If you’d like to connect with the Sunday Circle Group, sign up below. Or click on this –>>Sunday Circle Group<<– to get more information.



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