One Former Atheist–And a Faith That Changed Everything (Empowered by the Spiritual Life)

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“If you’d told me that I’d sitting here, telling my story of salvation, I would’ve laughed, right in your face. And I would’ve told you, you were a crazy Christian. I didn’t believe there was hope. I didn’t believe there was true love. Five years ago, I didn’t even believe in myself.” ~~Kristin


Kristin, a former Atheist, shares her testimony on how she discovered God, in spite of her own admittedly combative stance toward Christians. It brough me to tear near the end of this video—>>CLICK HERE to watch. She reveals how hard it was for her to recieve Christ and why. But there’s truth in it for all of us.


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Keep going. Be who God made you to be. Live authentic. We are not meant to live a religious duty, life. We’re meant to be empowered by the spiritual life.




(This is part of the #Write31Days series. I won’t have a post every day, but I will be posting more often for the month of Oct. And there may be mistakes, grammar or spelling errors, however, the conversation will be what matters, right? I hope you’ll bear with me as we explore the idea to be #Empowered by the Spiritual Life. Feel free to share your thoughts too.)


Part #1: Releasing-On Becoming People of the Wind


Part #2: On Dabblings & Hard Surrdenders–The Gift of Being Undone


Part #3: The Paranormal Trap–On Believing in a Supernatural God vs Everything Else


Part #4: Let’s Talk about Condemnation–On Getting Past Shame & Unworthiness


Part #5: Looking for Answers


Part #6: Go Ahead, Do It Afraid


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