Walking with Homesickness (& The Amnesia of Home)

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Every bit of ground I own, every space I occupy, I’m homesick. I’m homesick with an ache so loud, I can almost hear it growl. But I feel it too. Clawing at my insides, searching for something to devour, eating away at my throbbing heart. Nothing satisfies. All of it is highlighted against the backdrop of the overwhelming weight of the world.


I remember how Hope first came to me. How I’d lived as an unconventional rule-keeper, the punk-rocker who also kept her nose clean, eventually becoming the wide-eyed Christian who–to this day–has not grown tired of Jesus.


It’s taken me time to want everything He has to offer. I mean, who would admit they didn’t want everything Jesus offered through the Holy Spirit in the first place? For the rest, follow me to Amber Haines’ this week. She is graciously hosting me at her place this week. 



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