Calling Brave Writers & Why I’m Taking a Blogging Break

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Y’all, I’ve blogged for over six years. This online world isn’t the same one I knew back then and that’s ok. But it’s time, y’all, for me to take a break. And yes, I kinda sorta have taken a blogging a break since Christmas with exception to my one word for 2016. Believe me, that one word didn’t waste time.


I’ve taken blogging breaks in the past as well. But this time, I’m scheduling a big ol’ sabbatical, from this day forward.


I’ve procrastinated in saying it. As if saying it out loud would make me less of a writer or less of a dreamer, riding her unicorns. I plan to continue those. I plan to keep going with God. Next week, I might want to reverse everything I said today. However, I don’t think so. Truth is? I’m climbing on a limb here.


I’ve put alot of thought into this.  Or you could say, I’ve put alot of doubt into this. I’ve resisted the idea because of the advice out there that practically screams, “Keep going! Blog, blog, blog! Schedule, schedule, schedule! Make it happen! But whatever you do, for the love, do. not. stop!” But confirmations keep affirming the opposite for me.


I’m stopping y’all. At least for a season that’s longer than my normal seasons.  It doesn’t feel courageous at all. It feels really dumb. Yet, I’m trusting God with it. I guess I’m also trusting you with it, right?


During this time, I’ll pray and write, write and pray. From now ’til March (end of March??), if I have something to say, it’ll only be through private emails or on Facebook. That’s it. Honestly, that’s all I have time for.


Lately, I’ve been working and speaking. <—–That right there, “speaking”? Not what I ever imagined for me. But I’ve come to know this about myself: when I combine my passion to empower others with my passion to equip, I will move mountains to get to you. Comfort zones? Kicked to the curb in a hot second.


I’m an arm-waving-talking-with-my-hands intense helper-upper. And with that, I want to keep my ears and eyes alert for where God wants me to go next. In order to do that, I need to listen. Wait. Pray. Write. I’m open to suggestions, y’all. As it stands now, I’m going radio silence with few exceptions via private email.


keep your eyes up


But here’s where you come in. Starting in March, I want to re-open up my blog to you. You don’t need a blog to do it. Who needs a blog when we have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram? I want your brave words to have a place to fly like a flag waving down passengers on this weird information highway.


The series will be about the courage to operate in your #creativepurpose, as in, how do you fight discouragement, fear, doubts, insecurity, and continue to DO and fulfill your creative purpose with God? What brave thing has God been calling you to do? What brave thing have you already done or started, out of obedience? What have you learned about stepping out in faith?


I want to gather your posts through the month of February and March, if this is something you’d be interested in. If you’re not sure, or need more info, just send me an email.


As I shutter my blog during this season to re-evaluate, pray, and write, I hope you’ll join me in March with your own brave words. Until then, let’s stay in touch, behind the scenes. I may be sporadic and possibly mute, so rest assured I won’t be jamming your email with a litter of letters.


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  1. Tammy, you are wise and brave to step back and be quiet when the world says get louder. I’d love to submit.

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  2. I took close to a 2-year break. Best thing I ever did for myself creatively, I think. It’s hard to go against all the (inner) platform-building voices that try to bully you. But as Ecclesiastes tells us, there is a time for everything, even silence. We only learn how true that is and all the riches that are waiting there for us when we have the courage to take the needed step and step out of what we’ve been doing.

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    • Yes, a time and season for everything! So true. Thank you, Marilyn. And I do remember you and your writing before AND after your two break. Just as lovely on both side of it.

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