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Who doesn’t like FREE, new stuff?  Giving away things makes the world go ’round, am I right?


Maybe not exactly, but you get my drift. Handing out free gifts puts a little joy in your soul.


After being sequestered in the writer’s closest, you sorta-kinda-alot just want to bust a move and sing Cyndi Lauper songs.


A girl just wants to have fun, eventually.


So without further ado:


Enter for your chance to win a Kindle Fire or Amazon gift certificates


And here’s your easy peasy way to enter. Just follow me over here (<<–click) and the giveaway is at the bottom of the page.


Or click Social Media Strategies Celebration Tour, below:


Social Media Strategies Celebration Tour


Then scroll to the bottom of the Tour page ^^ to find the giveaway.




Social media strategies T.H. Meyer

All of what I’ve learned in launching a book comes from this one.


<<–That bad boy is LIVE today!





If I had to sum the book up, it’d be:


Change may as well be social media’s middle name. And this puts the entrepreneur, small business owner, creative-type, or anyone looking to reach their community onto the topsy-turvy world of social media and marketing. But not everyone can maneuver this landscape, unscathed.


Inside, you’ll receive up-to-date social media tactics without feeling like your worth is wrapped up in numbers, platforms, or lists. Discover how to take full advantage of social media by using these tips, tricks, and networks recommended by top experts. You’ll gain understanding on which social platforms are leading the way and which are struggling (and why), how to tackle Facebook Algorithms and Facebook Ad’s, what is SEO and how you can improve yours, what’s hot in advertising and sharing, building an email list, and more.


Take a peek inside by previewing the content and also review the Table of Contents by clicking here (<—click).


Also, I have an official, bone-fide Goodreads Author page found here if you want to see books from other authors that I recommend.




How I survived a book launch by T.H. MeyerSign up for my FREE ebook on How I Survived an Indie Book Launch without Losing My Mind where I share my pre-launch planning, marketing, hiring a publicist (aka blogging tour), media kits, and more. My newbie’s guide into the foray of self-publishing. I’ll also report any results and give you the steps I used to from conception to launch.


Grab your copy for insider info. This is for the book only plus additional chapters, exclusively delivered to you, providing more information from my mid-launch and post launch steps with personal insights. (Available in a few days).


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Also, have you received my You Are Brave resource and the bonus tricks-n-tips for maximizing your Facebook page? If you’re already a subscriber and want one, let me know and I’ll send it.


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  1. Just want you to know I’m blessed by you and the fact that you have pursued this and didn’t give up. It’s an encouragement to me to keep going with my own blog, etc.

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    • Julie, you just blessed my socks off! And you keep writing, girl. You have so much to offer and encourage others.

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