About Me

By overcoming my greatest fears, I’ve learned timidity does not require a hard stop. Instead, I’ve counted such obstacles as part-journey, part-crucifying, knowing God grants those He has equipped.


I lived most my life as a gypsy.  Only in the last several years have I settled on a remote farm in the heart of Post Oak trees, Coastal Bermuda fields, and pastures of Rye. After living on Okinawa and in Germany, roots have taken hold.


As part of my creative survival, I’ve blogged for six years. Only in the last couple did I discover a theme which prompted a launch of this site. For the repressed or the scaredy-cat, consider this a rouble-rousing to your soul. Going with God requires obedience and a good dose of bravery.


If time and muse permit, I’ll write fiction about this part of my history.  Fresh, new stories also pen my future.


From inside your safe boat, God calls. Do you feel the waves beckoning?