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A spiritual gifts test is only a tool to point you in a direction for how God may be calling or has called you. Be sure to test everything by the Holy Spirit and pay close attention to what He may be saying. You have a purpose in the Kingdom, whether it’s raising up young people to being a missionary in a third-world country, or both. Every part is necessary in the body of Chirst.


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a-life-of-creative-purpose-3dAfterwards, I challenge you to embrace  God’s gifts in you.

Through contemplative story-telling, I’ve written about my own journey to embrace God’s calling. With reflective questions inside A Life of Creative Purpose, you’ll also explore God’s direction for you. Discover what you can learn about His unique design of you as you contemplate His Divine purposes for your life.

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a-life-of-creative-purpose-3dIf you want to dive deeper, embracing your unique design and calling in a way that’ll encourage your faith, I’ve written A Life of Creative Purpose. This is a contemplative, story-telling application of a book, helping you to listen for God’s voice and discover more of what He might personally be saying to you.


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