On Courage, Straight Talk, & Making it Home

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driveway at sunset


On this farm, I’ve looked myself in the eye and didn’t like what I saw. I’ve wondered and asked like a child,  ‘How long?’


I’ve watched days turn into years. I’ve wanted to bury myself under covers, stay all the live-long day, and dream of by-gone days in Indiana or Kentucky. I’ve shrieked at Rat Snakes climbing pecan trees. I’ve swept thankfulness out the broken, back door. I’ve been a stiff-neck-er, as rigid as they come…..join me at Emily Wierenga’s for more about How I Changed My Mind.


I’m joining Emily Wierenga’s series for her soon-to-be book called Making It Home




Give it to Me Straight, Survey (10 Thought Provoking Questions for You)


I’d be honored to listen to you on these diveresified topics, ranging from your giftings, to faith & church, to social topics (or your exhaustion of them). IT’S ONLY 10 questions. If you share your thoughts, I’ll share the results. Perhaps you too want to know the thoughts on these.


Click here to begin.







Vacation and the Art of Presence: Anaïs Nin on How to Truly Unplug and Reconnect with Your Senses” by Maria Popova


28 Images with Strong Black and White Compositions” By: Darlene Hildebrandt


The True True Truth” by John Vorhaus  (“the artist helps the world by revealing mystic truths”)





Go On. Be Brave.” by Amy Breitmann @ Beloved in Blue Jeans


Set Your Faith On Fire” by Michele Perry


Resources for Writing:


Charity Singleton Craig


Jane Friedman’s blog



And next week, I can’t wait to give this hardback book away to one of you! ~~Wild in the Hollow by Amber Haines


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