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If I could sum up my passion, it’d be–to help others embrace their gifts and talents in the Body of Christ. But even as I write that, I don’t always do this well for myself. I’ve had to fight every inch of the way to freedom. And if I’m honest, I have a long way to go.


Sure, I’ve come along side God as I’ve continued to spiritually mature through life experiences. And yes, I’ve been re-reminded time and again of His own creative purposes for me. But usually I remember these things only after I’ve fallen, headlong, back to the foot of the cross.


From my own struggle to focus on what exactly God wants to do in this redeemed-by-the-blood-of-the-lamb flesh, I wrote my next book. I want each of us, for you, to recognize God’s gifts inside and be encouraged to grab hold of’em.


We’re in this together, ya know, this whole Body thing. What a detriment we do when we deny His gifts to others!


God’s Kingdom reigns, and is displayed, through these earthly vessels and what a beautiful thing we have to offer. Through each of us, the Spirit gives us power and insight for edification but also to give hope to a stressed and weary world.


And yet, we find it difficult to embrace God’s own gifts or purpose within ourselves.  I personally find it much easier to point you to the Goodness in you rather than acknowledge the ones within me. In fact, I gladly do it for others! But for some of us, if not most of us, we have a propensity to diminish what He’s doing for the sake that it is inside us, specifically .


Can we just stop doing that and instead, give God permission to replace our fleshly inhibition for an insatiable hunger and thirst for Heavenly things?


Attempts to rebuff, curb or negate God's gifts (in us), either through fear or a sense of worthlessness, require willpower & self-suppression instead of an obedient Holy expression.


Walking in our purpose does not have to be about ego or thinking ourselves better than we are (or, mercy me, above someone else!). In fact, we can travel just as wrongly in the opposite direction, imagining this as humility.


It’s possible to deny the self to such degrees that we also deny the good things God meant for us to share too.


Attempts to rebuff, curb, or negate God’s gifts (in us), either through fear or a sense of worthlessness, require willpower and self suppression instead of an obedient Holy expression. Last night, a group of us wanna-be-Heaven-seekers talked about this very thing.


We can spend huge amounts of energy “controlling” our self or minimizing ourselves (or _____ fill in your blank) that the focus is still on ourselves, entirely (<<pointing the finger squarely on myself here & no other). At one time, I might’ve considered this humility, but it’s not, not when we examine it up close.


A.W. Tozer once wrote that humility is not about thinking less of your self (or as less valuable or worthy, or even as a worm) but rather, thinking of yourself less often. In other words, we can be so busy burying ourselve (or hiding) we never resurrect to our new life in Christ.


But when our love burns for God, eyes firmly fixed on Jesus, our thoughts move toward Him and away from us. Our seeking after God’s purpose is worthwhile because He is good and right there, we can stake a claim and pitch camp.


What would happen if each of us accepted, embraced, and enabled the fullness of what God offers us, individually? How could this impact our communities?


A Life of Creative Purpose, my love project in a book, is far from perfection but it’s my hope that we at least are inspired to listen for God’s calling in us, to understand His will, and to be obedient in every spiritual season.


Withdrawing our gifts or talents is not the answer and the Body suffers when we do. May we equally grow in God’s love as we also gain wisdom for God’s purpose in us.


And if we started right now, what might God may be asking of you? When was the last time you sensed Him speaking about a particular situation? What has held you back in the past or may be holding you back now?


What if we challenged our self and each other to continue embracing what the Spirit is doing, being sensitive to what God is asking of us, right where we are, in our daily, ordinary lives?



 (Starting Oct 18th, join me for a four-week Creative Expedition as we journey through contemplation, listening, discussing, and acknowledging what God is revealing to each of us through a closed Facebook group. If you’re interested in exploring your own creative purpose in God, click >>here<< or send me an email at .)






Ever wonder what God’s creative purpose is for your life?


Explore what God might be saying, or has been saying, regarding your uniquely gifted contribution to the world around you. Through storytelling, scripture, and in-depth questions, you’ll be encouraged to embrace the whole person God made you to be. Each chapter will lead you on a journey to ponder your own creative path and what God may be calling you to do, today.


For the individual reader looking to examine more deeply, their creative purpose, or a group seeking to collectively spur each other toward their God-given gifts, talents, and life as a 12-week, 6-week, or 4-week study guide, this book is an expedition into listening to God’s voice and discovering your unique purpose in him.


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  1. You preach girl, you PREACH! Two weeks into a six week writing project and man have I been hit on every front. Fears that I’ve been done with for Years have been circling round again. Thanks for the encouragement Tammy!

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