When You Fear (or Resist) the Good Gifts in You, Make War

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Hell came against you, somewhere on the way. It’s as if the sky has fallen on your head. Maybe it will knock some sense into everything, into you.


The thing you’ve been saying now whips backwards. Your own words mocking you.  Failing just one hour ago, they become ghosts that haunt.


You know how how you did well? Done good for one whole blessed, single day and even two? You believe in resurrections but few people tell you how hard the dying is before you rise again.


Maybe it’s true. You need to spend time with people who matter in your one precious life. Maybe you will slow down and smell the roses in a game of scrabble, Uno, or on nature hikes, bike rides, or by the patio reclining.


Then you can revisit the whisper. The raspy one speaking about your gifts, talents, your life with a question of,“Who do you think you are?” Deep down you believe in jinxes or a shoe that drops despite a faith in miracles for others. In your mind, good things are carried on the grill of a Mack truck.  In fact, bigger-than-you God things are someone else’s thing.


So you consider quitting for someone who is better equipped, to pass the baton and remove the pressure inside you.  Because you are not a take-the-bulls-by-the-horn even when you find yourself riding top of one. Smack in the middle, you find yourself climbing on despite your reluctance. You don’t like limelight, or high expectations, or the fear pushing you to hide. You feel God made you for the storms, made your stronger by them. And this almighty strength is what you were born to live out but is also why you run too.


There is a battle, you know. Quitting is more comfortable. Maybe it is time. Or maybe it is a false, subtle nudge from a line like faded photographs which have comforted you with known edges and familiar smudges. Only you really know what the truth is when revealed by a Holy counsel.


This is where you dig, deep. Where you find Him not forsaking even though you want to turn, fast away. Instead, you surprise yourself and go back to the drawing board, to the beginning, to what’s really happening here. You go back and look at the tactics and wonder if a liar is in your ear.


A fire can get shut up in your bones, in the process. Those times are good and necessary. Eventually, after everything goes silent, God will interrupt you. He will call you out like Moses and you’ll beg for Aaron. He will say, to you of all people, “Speak. Go and do not fear or be dismayed by the look on their faces.”


Why me, God? And you will wrestle with that.


This is the time to believe. You will need to wear your badge, “Pre-approved in Christ.” This is time to remember your weapons and carry the shield of faith to divert fiery arrows. You’ve been anointed. Preach the good news by One who overcame and holds the keys to Death. The Spirit is storming the gates and now, you’re called to battle.


This is when you carry on. Suited up in full armor, this is when you will move even if fear comes with you. You’ll find a tongue that speaks and gives all the Glory. You’ll march and unsheathe the Sword because Christ is overturning tables and making you a house of prayer.


And you will go because you will finally believe, deep in your soul, that you’re are preapproved by an almighty God.  Moving forward, you take back ground. It’s time. There are lies that need cast down so others may grab hold of Truth.


There’s a time for peace and then there’s a time for war.


~~Tammy {Duet 31:6}





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