Autism and the Relation to Why Older Generations Have a Purpose and Calling

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During our last years of homeschooling, we suspected that we were dealing with challenges we weren’t equipped to handle on our own.


We  began to recognize signs that would be considered high-functioning Autism (also known as Asperger) in our son’s learning ability.


After confirmation from a neuropsychologist, we felt a strange sense of relief. Finally, we had answers!


Once we accepted that his brain processes differently, everything started to make sense. For years as parents, we tried to make our son model what we considered typical childhood behavior, but he didn’t fit the standard mold—still doesn’t to this day.


No amount of misplaced parental pressure transformed him to be somebody he wasn’t.


In the same way, I tried to fit a parenting mold, attempting to live up to other people’s expectation….to read the rest (and how I’ve been encouraged my women mentors), join me at The Consilium.


Older generations have a purpose and a calling






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