In Which 3 People Have a Chance To Win Vibella Jewelry (#Empowered by the Spiritual Life, #7)

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Our catalog is more than a collection of jewelry. It’s a redemption story.” ~~ViBella Jewelry


I can not think of a better way to be empowered by the spiritual, than to help other women be empowered too. That’s what Vibella Jewelry does for women who surrounded by poverty.They give them a voice and a job. We receive gorgeous, handmade jewelry.


ViBella Jewelry, just launched their 2016 catalog and every purchase supports women in places like Haiti. They’re creating stories as much as they’re creating jewelry.  In one a visit to the Haitian women behind ViBella, my good friend, Amy Breitmann, wrote a heartbreakingly beautiful post called, “His Table.” And by the way, Amy has a Beloved line that makes me swoon. I’m giving some of those pieces away today.




Here’s how the giveaway works: There are 2 pieces + 1 gift card being giving away to 3 different people. So that means you have a chance to win one of them. All you need to do is comment on this post OR share this post either on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, but MAKE SURE YOU TAG ME so that I know you shared it. Otherwise, I won’t find you to enter you in the contest.


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Anita Necklace : The word “Beloved” is hand-stamped, one letter at a time, on a bronze oval by our artisans. The textured  copper heart overlay  is hand-hammered.  The pendant is finished a French-wrapped pearl.  These beautiful handmade pieces hang  from an antique bronze
Length: 24 Inches with a 2 Inch Drop
Handmade in: Simonette, Haiti
Sales for: $24.95, FREE for you

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Redeemed Bracelet : This adjustable brown suede leather bracelet holds an antique bronze plate hand stamped with the word ‘Redeemed’ by Vi Bella artisans in Simonette, Haiti. Accented with recycled blue jeans, and a filigree bronze flower with a silver center.
Length: 8 – 8.25 Inches
Handmade in: Simonette, Haiti
Sales for: $22.95, FREE for You




(This is part of the #Write31Days series. I won’t have a post every day, but I will be posting more often for the month of Oct. And there may be mistakes, grammar or spelling errors, however, the conversation will be what matters, right? I hope you’ll bear with me as we explore the idea to be #Empowered by the Spiritual Life. Feel free to share your thoughts too.)


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I’d love to continue our conversations on being #empowered by the spiritual life. Sign up and I’ll also send you my small ebook on facing fear that paralyzes you.





  1. I love the idea of being empowered by the spiritual life. So many times we feel pulled down that reminding ourselves that God gives us POWER is important. And love-love-love ViBella!!

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  2. I shared on Pinterest! Love ViBella’s products and mission. Thanks for the giveaway!

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